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  • SECURUS British Long Stem Revision System
    The SECURUS British Long Stem Revision System is able to deal with the mismatch between the metaphyseal end and the bone loss of diaphysis. The long femoral stem with the anatomical anterior and posterior arch functions can bypass the defective bone, making it possible to achieve a safe preliminary mechanical fixation via biological fixation as soon as possible.
  • EVOLUTION British Short Stem
    The Furlong H-A.C coated femoral stem has been used in clinical practice for more than 30 years. Since it was first implanted on Sept 9, 1985, it has benefited more than 300,000 patients.19 years of follow-up: The statistics shows 2212 implants in patients' bodies survived, with a survival rate of up to 99.73%.Furlong EVOLUTION British Short Stem is introduced to respond to the diversified needs of modern surgeries and market.