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Founded in 2003, AK Medical Holdings Limited (AK Medical) is an international orthopedic industry group that combines research, product development, large-scale manufacturing and specialized marketing, and was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (01789.HK) in 2017.

AK Medical is the first company in the world to commercialize and apply additive manufacturing technology (3D printing technology) to joint replacement, spine, trauma repair and other implants. We have a 3D printing precision building technology platform (3DACT), Supravit vacuum plasma spraying technology platform, One Point navigation/robotic intelligence technology platform, and the ICOS personalization platform.

At present, AK Medical is the leading enterprise in the field of artificial joints in China with the first market share, ranked No. 1 in terms of domestic market share and in the Top 10 for the global hip joint market. AK medical products are widely used in more than 7,500 medical institutions in over 40 countries and regions, including China, UK, Japan, Korea, Spain and South Africa. We have R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai and the UK, and manufacturing bases in Changping, Beijing, Changzhou, Jiangsu and Sheffield, UK, to serve our global customers. On average, one AK prosthesis is implanted every minute.

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Beijing AKEC Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is a core subsidiary of AK Medical. It is a national "small giant" enterprise, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, an innovative pilot enterprise in the Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and is a key high-tech enterprise in the National Torch Program. AKEC boasts national and provincial level science and technology innovation platforms and CNAS accredited testing centers, such as a Post-Doctoral Research Center, the Beijing Enterprise Technology Center, the Beijing Engineering Technology Research Center, the Beijing Enterprise Science and Technology Research and Development Institute, and the Beijing Smart Manufacturing Benchmark Enterprise (Digital Workshop).

Through high-level ICOS with clinicians, AKEC has established a platform-type technology for the whole process of personalized orthopedic treatment, providing pre-operative, intrao-perative, and post-operative solutions for clinical diagnosis and treatment. By the end of 2022, AK Medical has been granted more than 600 patents in the United States, Europe, Japan, China and other countries and regions; it has also had more than 70 NMPA Class III product registrations approved, along with more than 20 product registrations in the United States, Europe and other countries and regions. We have obtained the world's first clinically validated Class III registration certificate for 3D printed orthopedic implant products, the world's first Class III registration certificate for 3D printed patient-matched orthopedic implant products, and the world's first customized orthopedic implant product filing certificate.

ITI Medical Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. ITI Medical is a large-scale production and manufacturing facility for AK Medical’s products and instruments. ITI Medical is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.

Web: http://tymedical.net

JRI Orthopaedics Ltd. was founded in 1969 by Ronald Furlong, the pioneer of orthopedic HA coating and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. JRI Orthopaedics Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of bio-type orthopedic implants in the UK, providing technology platforms such as VPS (vacuum plasma coating) and HA coating. It has received prestigious honors such as the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement, the Investors in People Gold Award, and the British Engineering Excellence Award.

In 2018, JRI Orthopaedics Ltd. joined AK Medical. It promoted international exchanges and the development of global orthopedic implant product co-development and orthopedic clinical diagnosis and treatment technology research in order to provide patients with better clinical solutions and continuously enhance their quality of life.

Web: https://jri-ltd.com

Beijing Libeier Bio-Engineering Institute Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and joined the Medtronic Group in 2012. Libeier is one of the earliest enterprises in China to conduct research and development, production, and sales of spine and trauma products.

AK Medical wholly acquired Libeier in 2020, replenishing AK Medical’s technological and product offerings in the fields of spine and trauma.

Web: http://www.libeier.com


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