AK Institute

AK Academy, an education and training platform in the field of orthopedics, was established  by AK Medical in 2012 with a purpose of serving medical professionals and other stakeholders. As of today, AK Academy has organized hundreds of academic activities by inviting renowned experts and scholars at home and abroad to talk on orthopedic theories, share surgical techniques and discuss classic cases so as to promote industrial knowledge exchanges, develop young orthopedists and improve doctor-patient communication.

Creating academic education programs

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AK Academy’s Education Programs aim to uplift orthopedists’ competence and knowledge level. Through regular training courses, workshops, seminars, etc. and by inviting domestic and overseas experts for lecture tour, the Academy provides a full range of experiences of learning and communication to orthopedic professionals. In addition, there are further-study programs in China and abroad to assist orthopedists keep improving their professional capability.


Building a medical technology support platform


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AK Medical always takes initiatives to promote technological exchanges and new diagnosis and treatment methodologies through cooperation with, in addition to multiple academic journals, well-known medical institutions such as Peking University Third Hospital, Peking University People’s Hospital, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital of Peking University and Peking University International Hospital, thus building up a platform to engage in spreading orthopedic innovations.

Conducting international academic exchanges

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AK Medical has short-, medium- and long-term cooperative programs with the University College London Hospital, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (the Northern General Hospital) and the Royal Surrey County Hospital in the UK, through which experts from China and the UK are invited to work as visiting scholars in each other’s country so as to promote international academic exchanges.


Expert charity activities


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AK Medical and its orthopedic specialists conduct regular medical charity events, for example, free consultation. It has donated implant prostheses multiple times to patients under financial stress, not only a good deed to help ease their burden and their families’ but also a perfect demonstration of how AK Medical practise its mission - “Make you move for a better life”.