Product And Technology
Hip Implants
  • AK BIOLOX® delta zero Ceramic Liner
    Designed with a new concept in mind, the 3D ACT full ceramic hip system adopts the BIOLOX® delta zero ceramic liner.
  • AK BIOLOX® delta Ceramic Ball Head
    The fourth-generation BIOLOX® delta zirconia toughened alumina ceramic ball head
  • AK ML Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Liner
    ML ultra high molecular weight PE Liner
  • AK 3D ACT Highly Cross-Linked Polyethylene Liner
    The 3D ACT highly cross-linked polyethylene liner (XPE Liner) is the "gold standard" of friction interface.
  • AK Bone Cement Acetabular Cup
    Bone cement acetabular cup that fits in well with the third-generation bone cement technology.
  • AK A Series Bio-Type Acetabular Cup
    Bio-type acetabular cup with a porous surface sprayed with pure titanium using plasma spraying process
  • AK ML Bio-Type Acetabular Cup
    High-porosity bio-type acetabular cup with the second-generation titanium bone coating
  • AK ACP-Long Bone Cement Femoral Stem for Revision
    Highly-polished bone cement-bonded femoral stem for revision.
  • AK ACP Bone Cement Femoral Stem
    Highly-polished bone cement-bonded femoral stem.
  • AK SR Bio-Type Modular Femoral Stem
    A bio-type modular femoral stem suitable for primary THA and complex primary THA.
  • AK SL-Cone Bio-Type Stem
    Bio-type proximal-fixed femoral stem that is designed based on the Wagner concept.
  • AK SL Bio-Type Femoral Stem for Revision
    Bio-type distal-fixed femoral stem for revision that is designed based on the Wagner concept.
  • AK MR Modular Femoral Stem for Revision
    Bio-type distal-fixed modular femoral stem for revision.
  • AK MP Bio-Type Proximal-Fixed Femoral Stem
    A porous MP bio-type proximal-fixed femoral stem used for primary non-bone cement THA.
  • AK ML Femoral Stem
    A flat wedge-shaped bio-type femoral stem using the second-generation uniformly sprayed titanium coating process.
  • AK CL Femoral Stem
    Double coated bio-type femoral stem inheriting the classic stem shape design
  • AK Medical A-Plus cementless acetabular cup
    Titanium-Plsma Spray porous coating, cementless acetabular cup