Product And Technology
Knee Implants
  • ACCK Knee Prosthesis
    Launched in 2012, AK Medical's ACCK knee prosthesis is an ideal choice for complex primary replacement and revision of knee joints.
  • A3 GT Knee Prosthesis
    Launched in 2016, AK Medical's A3GT knee prosthesis is a more advanced version of the A3 knee prosthesis.
  • A3 Knee Prosthesis
    AK Medical's A3 knee prosthesis came on market in 2012 and was certified by the US FDA in 2018.
  • JPX Knee Prosthesis
    Launched in 2008, AK Medical's JPX knee prosthesis is an anatomical knee prosthesis made in China.
  • AK Rotating Hinge Knee
    AK Rotating Hinge Knee