Anatomical reconstruction was performed to replace the bone defect

It has strong rotational stability, can effectively prevent the prosthesis from sinking and provide better support.In addition, the intraoperative assembly of the prosthesis is relatively simple, which can bring more convenient and efficient operation experience for surgeons.


Excellent instruments

It can provide surgeons with convenient intraoperative operation, effectively shorten the operation time and reduce the probability of complications, and bring safer and better surgical results for patients.


Bone cement intramedullary fixation

The use of bone cement for intramedullary fixation allows the prosthesis to be more tightly fixed, thereby reducing the risk of loosening and displacement and making the postoperative recovery more stable and reliable.


The proximal femoral prosthesis is designed with cable holes

It can effectively fix the free muscle tissue onto the prosthesis, promote the fixation and stability of the muscle, so as to rebuild the joint for patients, improve the flexibility and adaptability of joint activities, and enhance their mobility.