Beijing Enterprise Technology
AK Medical Enterprise Technology Center was established in January 2009, and was recognized as Beijing Enterprise Technology Center (referred to as Center) by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology in July 2020. The Center relies on the pioneer of China's orthopedic joint market-Beijing AK Medical Co., Ltd., which is a characteristic institution of technological research and innovation established by AK Medical according to the needs of market competition.
  • The center is mainly responsible for formulating the technology innovation plan of AK Medical, developing industrial technology research and development, creating and applying intellectual property, establishing technical standard systems, gathering and training innovative talents, building a collaborative innovation network, and promoting the implementation of the entire process of technological innovation.
  • At present, the center has formed a high-level technology development team led by Beijing leading science and technology talents, a number of technical leaders, and a group of technical backbones. The team members’ majors cover mechanical engineering, materials science, mechanics, medicine, etc. which is a continuously developing and energetic orthopedic implant development team.
  • Since its establishment, the center has carried out scientific and technological research in orthopedic joint and spinal implants, and achieved a series of achievements, forming hip joint, knee joint, vertebral body, intervertebral fusion cages, etc. and obtained large-scale clinical applications. The research and development, production and clinical application of 3D printed orthopedic implants, jointly carried out by the Center, Peking University Third Hospital, Peking University and other units have reached the international leading level. The relevant results won the 1st prize of Beijing Science and Technology in 2018 and 1st Prize of Capital Workers' Independent Innovation Achievement in 2018, 1st Prize of Science and Technology Innovation Award of China Hospital Association in 2019 and other honors.