Beijing 3D Printing Orthopedic
Beijing Engineering Technology R&D Center for 3D Printing Application in Orthopedics is founded in May 2015 with the approval of Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission (BMSTC). Powered by the expertise of AK Medical, an industry leader in orthopaedic implant manufacturing, it is an important part of Beijing's science and technology innovation system.
  • Aiming to best cater for the demand for clinical orthopaedic implant products, the Center has been committed to the development and application of 3D ACT (Accurate Constructive Technology) in orthopaedic implant development, surgical technology research, and medical-industrial interaction platform.The unique advantages of 3D printing in orthopaedics set the stage for the creation of innovative orthopaedic implant products and surgical solutions, which allow the surgeons to plan and complete the treatment of orthopaedic diseases for patients successfully and efficiently by leveraging the medical-industrial interaction platform based on big data and Internet.The Center realizes the transformation of technological achievements by focusing on medical-industrial interaction, deep integration of production, education, research and practice, efficient information interaction, technological innovation, and research services.
  • With a 3D printing metal implant manufacturing center equipped with 8 electron beam melting rapid prototyping equipment and 1 selective laser melting rapid prototyping metal printer, a 3D printing polymer rapid prototyping center equipped with 1 German EOS P110 polymer laser printer and 10 conventional printers, and a biomechanical testing center,the Center has established itself as an innovation hub for the manufacturing of orthopaedic implant digital products by taking advantaging of AK Medical's sophisticated production lines for joint arthroplasty products and advanced equipment for process testing.The Center has undertaken nearly 10 research projects, including the key national R&D programs during the 13th five-year plan period, the BMSTC's technological innovation and industry training project for additive manufacturing (3D Printing), the BMSTC's special cultivation project for capital's public health project, and the Beijing perspective G20enterprise project.
  • Boasting an growing research team with more than 40 members, out of which 4 hold a senior or above title, 4 have a doctoral degree, 19 have a master's degree, and 6 own an overseas educational background,the Center is endowed with extensive expertise and excellent R&D capabilities in multiple disciplines including mechanical design and manufacturing, biomedical materials, clinical medicine, biomedical engineering, advanced materials and mechanics, mechanical and electronic engineering, and physical chemistry.In addition to building an outstanding in-house team and acquiring talent from abroad, the Center has been seeking opportunities to work with experts and put technologies into clinical practice by engaging well-known experts or professors as the members of technological commission, establishing long-standing cooperation with the Peking University Third Hospital and the Institute of Technology of Peking University, and building a 3D printing orthopaedic engineering cooperation center, together with the hospitals at home, to apply medical-industrial interaction technologies such as 3D data processing, model printing, simulated surgery planning and printing of customized surgical instruments to clinical scenarios.All of these make it a leader in the R&D of innovative 3D-printed orthopaedic products and technologies in China.
  • In 2015, the clinically-proven 3D metal printed hip system came on the market and obtained the Marketing Authorization from China Food & Drug Administration (CFDA) as a 3D metal printed orthopaedic implant product.In 2016, our two 3D-printed spine products - the spinal fusion cage and artificial vertebral body were licensed by the CFDA, pioneering the manufacturing of 3D-printed spine products in China.With the 3D ACT platform, the Center successfully completed 6 studies on the research and application of world's first clinical customized implant by working with clinical experts, paving the way for solving the world's challenge.In February 2018, the evaluation team organized by a technological achievement evaluation agency and led by the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering rated the Center's R&D achievements as world-class level in overall terms.