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AK Medical Holdings Limited (“AK Medical”) was founded in 2003. We are an international orthopedic industry group that engages in technological research, product development, large-scale manufacturing, and professional marketing. In 2017, the Company was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (01789.HK). AK Medical is the world’s first company to commercialize and apply additive manufacturing technology (3D printing technology) in joint replacement, spine care, trauma care, and other implants. In addition to four major technological platforms, we have established R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and the UK. We also established manufacturing facilities in Changping District of Beijing, Changzhou of Jiangsu Province, and Sheffield, United Kingdom, to serve our global customers. On average, an AK prosthesis is implanted every two minute.

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Core Values

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Metal Additive Manufacturing Technology

3D Accurate Construction Technology (3D ACT)

AK Medical is one of the earliest companies in the global orthopedic field to conduct research on the application of metal additive manufacturing technology. We are at the forefront of international advancements. By applying metal additive manufacturing technology and clinical imaging data, we can precisely construct the bone-like trabecular structure (3D ACT). It provides a three-dimensional penetrating space for microvascular and neo-bone growth and achieves osseointegration at the prosthesis-bone interface. It also prevents prosthesis loosening and prolongs its service life.

Vacuum Plasma Spraying Technology

Supravit®-enabled HA Coating

Vacuum plasma spraying technology (VPS) has been well adopted and used by JRI, a wholly owned subsidiary of AK Medical, for 33 years. A wide range of clinical applications have shown that HA coating, with its proven safety and effectiveness enabled by the patented Supravit® technology, increases prostheses’ post-surgery immediate stability and long-term osseointegration.

Smart Orthopedic Technology

Visual Treatment Solution

The AK Medical intelligent orthopedic equipment technology covers such equipment as orthopedic diagnosis and treatment software and intelligent surgical robots. Through 3D surgical intelligent planning software, the most suitable surgical plan can be formulated before surgery; the whole surgical process is visualized and tracked in real time to assist in the accurate implantation of the prosthesis; in this way, the accuracy and safety of the surgery can be significantly improved.

Orthopedic Total Customization Technology

an orthopedist-engineer co-workplatform empowered by AK engineering capabilities

AK Medical is one of the world’s first providers of personalized orthopedic diagnosis and treatment technology services. We are a pioneer of ICOS (Innovative Custom Orthopedic Solution) technology. We offer personalized surgical planning programs that satisfy the individualized demands of patients and provide personalized orthopedic implant product systems and complete instrument sets for clinical treatment to enhance treatment outcomes.


3D Printed Orthopedic Product

3D Printing Orthopedic Products

AK Medical has the largest 3D printing facilities in Asia. On the basis of setting multiple industry standards, we have successfully launched a series of standardized orthopedic products. With a focus on both high stability and osseointegration of the bone interface, we integrate advanced technology with traditional implants, applying them in various fields. This large-scale application has greatly promoted technological innovation and development in the medical device field, improving the quality of life for hundreds of millions of patients.

3D Printed Customized Products

3D Printing Customized Products

A deeply-integrated orthopedist-engineer co-work platform has been built based on 3D printing technology to provide a total solution that covers each step from diagnosis, surgical planning, implant personalization (design, verification and processing), surgical tools to intra-operative localization. Over the past 10 years, AK Medical has worked with clinical experts in nearly a thousand successful complex cases that involved multiple orthopedic areas: joint, spine, trauma and tumor.

Digital Products

Digitalized Products

With a digital platform that integrates image processing, image enhancement, virtual reality, 3D printing, real-time tracking and AI technology, AK Medical has uplift its overall capability in digital diagnosis and treatment, robot-assisted surgery as well as prosthetic reconstruction. Digital technologies not only enable an orthopedist to understand a patient’s case and develop a personalized treatment plan better, but also improve the precision and replicability of a surgical operation, thus making faster recovery and more predictable functional outcome possible.

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